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How Your Diet Responds to Vaping

Vaping and regular cigarette smoking these for example are two different things but still yield similar results. We’re talking about brain and lung damage as well as several health risks expected to occur within the ages of middle adulthood and later in life. Although vaping can be considered less harmful than cigarettes, the amount of nicotine is still there which acts as a suppressant, thus, significantly affecting one’s diet. In this article, we will be talking about vaping and how it affects a person’s diet.

Appetite Suppressant

Vaping is popularly being introduced as an appetite-suppressant. Studies show that many young people opt to include e-cigarettes in their dieting due to t’s suppressing effects. It eliminates food craving and excessive eating. Although helpful, experts still suggest that just like the traditional cigarette, e-cigarette users will also have to be careful and responsible in incorporating vaping into their diet.

Nicotine Addiction

Vaping can also be a form of therapy, especially for heavy smokers. Due to their nicotine addiction, individuals concerned would not only suffer physically but mentally as well. Studies show that nicotine addiction may contribute to increasing greater health risks later in life including slower brain development, affecting memory functions, concentration, learning, focus, and mood.

Two Ways of How Vaping and Dieting Ends

  • When used appropriately and responsibly, the user may be able to gain positive weight loss results. Of course, the guidance of a therapist or a dietician must be sought for the user to achieve their target weight. Additionally, this will also include quitting once the program is over. This is an even better way to avoid addiction, excess spending of funds, and the onset of future health risks.
  • Excessive vaping may lead to depression, insomnia, and, yes, weight gain. So, if you plan on vaping to lose weight, better get yourself checked regularly to avoid nicotine addiction.

Two Ways of How Vaping and Dieting Ends

Things to Remember

  • Vaping was created to provide a solution for the hand-to-mouth cravings for nicotine addiction. Its main goal is to provide a sensation on the nicotine being inhaled by the body without the presence of smoke. Although costly, teens and adults would rather use this alternative than the traditional tobaccos cigarettes.
  • If you plan on incorporating vaping into your diet, make sure that you have a clear goal on what lies ahead. Ask yourself if you can survive another day without smoking. If you do, then consider going for a much safer alternative to suppress your appetite by abstaining from smoking and learning how to control your craving the natural way.
  • If you are already addicted to nicotine and want to help stop this drug craving, seek the help of family and friends. Allow yourself to be distracted from your excessive need of taking in nicotine regularly. There are also health professionals and therapists in the field who are ready to offer their help and services if need be.
  • Not all body types are the same. Some require more calories while others need various ways to cut down all the weight. Seek a dietician for appropriate medical advice.

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