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Does ‘Well Fashion’ Really Improve Your Health?

We wear online shirts to cover our bodies and to keep us protected from the heat, cold, or the environment. But what if our clothes could react to changes in our body or changes in the environment? What if our clothes were smart enough to even heal us? Does this sound like science fiction?

Not really, as this is becoming a reality now. That is what ‘well fashion’ is all about—smart clothing that can help us remain healthy. But does ‘well fashion’ live up to its promise? Read on.

The Emergence of Smart Clothing

A dermatologist in Pennsylvania kept advising her patients to use sunblock all over their bodies rather than just applying it on their faces. Most people do not like using sunblock because of the chemicals, the smell, or the way it feels on the skin.

Then she got to thinking. What if putting sunblock could be made as simple as putting on a garment? She studied different types of fabrics with UV protection that would look good and breathe as well.

This led to the creation of a line of ‘well fashion’ garments that not only look fashionable but provide UV protection as well. These include leggings and jackets as well as custom T-shirts & hoodies.

We now have a whole new field called ‘well fashion’ which has won the hearts of many women and individuals who suffer from autoimmune diseases like lupus. Now, there is a whole range of fashion apparel that promotes wellness.

Additionally, most garments are going high-tech now as they are embedded with sensors to track body motion and heart rate. According to the director of Wearable Electronics Lab, Trisha L. Andrew, electronic devices can be built directly on textile surfaces. The best thing about these garments is that they can withstand harsh treatment like washing, ironing, folding, scraping, rubbing, and bending.

The new-wave ‘well fashion’ garments can help to regulate body temperature by ‘opening’ when your body is humid and hot so that heat can be released, and ‘closing’ at a lower temperature so that your body conserves heat and keeps you warm.

Some high-tech garments have collagen embedded in their custom T-shirts & hoodies and other garments that can keep your skin soft and moist. Besides, smart clothing is also being made to help people who experience sweating caused by obesity, menopause, or diabetes.

Even though this geeky ‘well fashion’ apparel can do so much, they still have the feel and look of the natural yarn and fabrics that we are used to. This new-fangled fashion trend can be a boon to athletes, people working outdoors in humid and hot places, and soldiers on the battlefield.


Does this ‘well fashion’ really improve your health? Right now, the garment industry is abuzz with this new trend. However, time will tell whether or not this new-fangled smart clothing will work as promised or designed.

Of course, further R&D and tweaking will help improve the use of this new trend in wellness. Nonetheless, you will still need to take care of your health and body.

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