Ethical Science

Ethical Training and Education

Reliable medical training doesn’t have to include animals and cruel procedures. The Insider Medical Journal introduces the use of simulators and other human-related training procedures as a replacement in the use of animals in medical training.

The use of animals, mainly dogs, was prevalent before organizations and movements to end cruel medical research methods were established. These inhumane research methods involve subjecting animals to extreme pain and later on killing them.

The Insider Medical Journal, along with other relevant organizations in the USA, has put great efforts into putting an end to animal use in drug developments and clinical trials. Not only are they unethical methods, but they also deliver feeble results.

Nowadays, several medical schools and research institutions have switched to using more practical instruments such as simulators and other human-related methods in human medical research. Thanks to ethical organizations such as Insider Medical Journal, for advocating researchers to use alternative methods that do not involve animal cruelty.

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