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Tobacco industry evading ban on terming cigarettes 'light' by color coding packs
Tobacco industry evading ban on terming cigarettes

(March 13, 2013 - Insidermedicine) 

From Boston – The tobacco industry is evading the FDA ban on labeling cigarettes light or mild—with color coding, according to a report published in Tobacco Control. Researchers examined retailer manuals from Philip Morris, annual manufacturing reports, national cigarette sales data, and a survey that asked smokers about their perception on whether their brands were ‘light’ or ‘regular’. Results showed that when the ban on using terms such as ‘light’ and ‘mild’ was implemented in 2009, Philip Morris consequently removed these terms from their cigarette packs and replaced them with new names and colors. The cigarettes, meanwhile, remained the same. 82% of smokers said that it was ‘very easy’ to identify their usual brand of cigarettes and which ones were considered ‘light’—even though the term was removed