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Vaping Addiction and Your Lungs

Vaping is a ubiquitous social and popular phenomenon strongly influenced by peers. Undeniably, using e-cigarettes which is also Recommended by some experts has proven destructive effects on our health.

What Occurs on the Lungs of Vapers

Vaping involves the heating of a liquid substance that emits vapors. Using a vape pen that resembles a flash drive, the electronic liquid or vape juice is heated until it melts and transforms into an aerosol.

According to expert, Dr. Stephen Broderick, the delivery system of vape devices is similar to that of a nebulizer, which is used as a treatment inhaling device for people with asthma or any other kind of lung condition. The nebulizer turns liquid medication into a mist that facilitates patients to breathe normally. It’s the most effective and therapeutic way of delivering medication into the lungs in a form of a mist.

Chemicals Inhaled

Nebulizers were designed for therapeutic purposes by moistening lung tissues with the medicinal mist but vaping coats the lungs with potentially hazardous chemicals and elements.

Concoctions of electronic liquid include ingredients such as the addictive nicotine, aromatic additives, flavorings, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, the mind-altering chemical compound found in marijuana. It is dissolved in a liquid and oily base substance. Dr. Broderick added that some of the vaporized chemicals and substances coat the inner linings of the lungs, consequently, resulting in the lungs’ inflammatory response.

Vitamin E was discovered in the lungs of vapers with critical, e-cigarette associated health illnesses. In the e-liquid, it acts as the delivery and thickening agent. Indicated for skin application or safe oral vitamin supplement but when inspired, it irritates the lung tissues.

Familiar substances discovered when e-liquid is heated may cause fatal effects on the lungs:

Formaldehyde: Toxic chemical substance that contributes to heart diseases and causes lung ailments

Acrolein: Chemical that causes lung injury and used to kill weeds

Diacetyl: Food additive used to enhance flavors of e-cigarettes and can damage the tiny channels of the lungs

Vape-Related Lung Illnesses

Identified e-cigarette linked lung diseases:

Popcorn Lung Risk

Is another term for bronchiolitis obliterans, a lung condition of damaged smaller airways. Diacetyl was accidentally discovered as the culprit causing the laborers of a popcorn factory to get sick because of inhaling the food additive. It is used to simulate the butter flavor in the microwaveable popcorn.

Inspiring diacetyl causes an inflammatory response and eventually leads to the development of permanent scars in the tiniest passageways and causes breathing difficulties.

Lipoid Pneumonia Risk

Lung disease develops when fatty acids are inhaled as the result of breathing in the e-liquid oily substances and triggers the lungs’ inflammatory response.

Primary Spontaneous Lung Collapse or Pneumothorax Risk

It refers to the presence of a hole in the lungs which causes oxygen to escape as a result of a gunshot or stab wound or when air blisters on the top section of the lung rupture and builds tiny tears.

Dr. Broderick explained that blisters are commonly developed by thin and tall persons due to rapid physical growth in the adolescence stage. Puffing e-cigarettes triggers the blisters to rupture resulting in lung collapse.

Worst cases require surgical repair or the insertion of a chest tube to drain the leaked air from the lungs.

Lung Cancer Risk

Cancer is another risk considering that inhaling e-cigarettes coats the lungs with various harmful substances.

Secondhand Vapor Exposure

Diacetyl, ultrafine particles, benzene (a chemical released in car exhaust), and nicotine are the dangerous substances emitted by the vapor exhaled into the environment by the vaper.

Compromised Breathing

If vapers are experiencing breathing difficulties such as chronic cough and shortness of breath, they must see a doctor immediately.


The irreversible e-cigarette associated lung diseases taught us valuable and essential lessons to value and take care of our body specifically our precious lungs.

Quit the unhealthy habit, save your lungs before it’s too late! Indeed, health is wealth!

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