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VIDEO: Aggressive Microdermabrasion Helpful In Improving Sun Damaged Skin
VIDEO: Aggressive Microdermabrasion Helpful In Improving Sun Damaged Skin

(October 19, 2009 - Insidermedicine)

Microdermabrasion using a coarse, diamond- studded handpiece can improve the skin's appearance by inducing a wound healing response and stimulating collagen production, according to an analysis published in the latest issue of the Archives of Dermatology.

Here is some information about microdermabrasion:

•    It is a popular procedure for skin rejuvenation that involves removing the outermost layer of dead skin using light abrasion, such as grains of diamonds or crystals

•    It is used to reduce the appearance of light wrinkles and mild scars

•    To be most effective it would need to induce the skin to produce collagen, which not all types of microdermabrasion have been shown to do

Researchers from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor studied samples of skin taken from 40 volunteers aged 50 to 83, who received microdermabrasion on the sun-damaged skin of their arms. The procedure was conducted using a coarse or medium grit diamond-studded handpiece.

Both treatments resulted in biochemical skin changes consistent with a wound healing response. Only treatment with the coarse handpiece, however, induced remodeling of the skin, which includes the production of collagen.

Today's research helps explain, from a molecular level, how aggressive microdermabrasion can help improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin.