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Tobacco ads spur smoking in teens
Tobacco ads spur smoking in teens (June 13, 2013 - Insidermedicine) From Germany – Every ten tobacco ads seen raises a teen’s risk of starting smoking by nearly 40%, according to a report published in the BMJ. Researchers surveyed 1300 children aged 10-15, following participants for 2.5 years. Participants were asked at the outset of the study how often they saw ads containing images of cigarettes, chocolate, clothes, cell phones and cars. Participants were asked the same question again after 30 months, as well as how many cigarettes they had smoked or continued to smoke. After taking into account known factors for starting smoking, results showed that teens who saw the most tobacco ads were nearly 2x more likely to become an established smoker. For every additional ad seen, risk of becoming a smoker increased by 38%.