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Pesticide exposure and head injuries raise risk of Parkinson's threefold
Pesticide exposure and head injuries raise risk of Parkinson

(November 12, 2012 - Insidermedicine)

From California - A new report published in Neurology finds that people who have had pesticide exposure and also suffer a head injury are at significant increased risk of Parkinson's disease. Researchers studied over 1,000 individuals from an agricultural area in California, nearly 400 of whom had Parkinson's disease. Participant's exposure to the pesticide paraquat--a weed killer--was determined using geographic data. Participants also reported if they ever had a  head injury where they lost consciousness for 5 minutes or more.

Results showed that Parkinson's patients were 2x more likely to have suffered a head injury that caused 5 minutes loss of consciousness. They were also 36% more likely to have exposure to paraquat than those without the disease. Taken together, suffering a head injury and being exposed to the pesticide resulted in a 3x increased risk of Parkinson's disease