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Novel method to prevent diabetes-associated blindness
Novel method to prevent diabetes-associated blindness (May 26, 2015 - Insidermedicine) From Baltimore - A new report published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences examines a novel method to preventing diabetes-related blindness. Researchers studied samples of fluid taken from the eyes of healthy people, those with diabetes but no diabetic retinopathy, and finally, those with diabetic retinopathy. As expected, they found that VEGF plays an important role in blood vessel growth seen in diabetic retinopathy. However, in further experiments with lab-grown human cells and mice, researchers found a protein called angiopoieten-like 4 that played a secondary role. When blocking the action of both VEGF and this secondary protein, researchers were able to significantly reduce blood vessel growth in the lab-grown cells of diabetic retinopathy.