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Malaria treatment from E.Coli
Malaria treatment from E.Coli (December 31, 2014 - Insidermedicine) From Portugal - In areas where malaria is prevalent, only a fraction of those exposed go on to develop the disease. New research appearing in the journal Cell may help to explain why. Researchers have discovered that a strain of E.Coli in the human gut expresses a sugar on its cell surface, called alpha-gal, that is also expressed by the malaria parasite. By examining people in an area of Mali where malaria is present, researchers were able to confirm that the level of anti-alpha-gal antibodies in their blood correlated with their susceptibility to malaria. Furthermore, when mice were injected with synthetic alpha-gal molecules, their immune systems produced antibodies that are protective against mosquito borne malaria. More research is needed to determine if a similar approach could be applied to humans.