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Low fat diet linked to lower BMI, weight and waist circumference
Low fat diet linked to lower BMI, weight and waist circumference

(January 4, 2013 - Insidermedicine)

A low fat diet is associated with lower weight, body mass index (BMI), and waist circumference, according to an analysis of previous studies published online ahead of print in the British Medical Journal.

A no-diet approach to weight loss involves avoiding the following:

•    Processed and sugar-laden foods

•    White bread and pasta

•    Foods with a high percentage of calories from fat

Researchers out of Norwich Medical School searched the medical literature for high quality studies that explored the relationship between a low fat diet and weight, BMI, or waist circumference among adults or children in the developed world. They identified more than 40 of such studies. Most involved only adults, but a few included children and young people.

Overall, a low fat diet was found to be significantly linked with a lower weight or BMI and a smaller waist circumference. The effect was small: the average weight difference between those on the low fat diet and those not on it was less than 2 kg. Still, the difference was large enough to potentially have an impact on long-term health. The lower the fat in the diet, the greater the effect on weight. The low fat diet was also associated with modest improvements in blood pressure or blood cholesterol.

Today’s research indicates that there is solid evidence in favor of reducing dietary fat intake as a means of sustaining moderate weight loss.