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Healthy diet can lengthen life and help the environment
Healthy diet can lengthen life and help the environment (November 13, 2014- Insidermedicine) From MInnesota - Having a healthy diet can lengthen life and reduce environmental consequences of agriculture, according to a report published in Nature. Researchers synthesized data on the environmental effects of food production, population growth, and diet trends. They found that as income increased from 1961-2009, so too did consumption of meat protein, empty calories and more overall calories. If diets continued on this path, there would be an 80% increase in global greenhouse gasses from food production, and increased prevalence of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. However, adopting Mediterranean, pescatarian and vegetarian diets could potentially reduce type diabetes by 25% by 2050, cancer by 10% and heart disease by about 20%--and prevent almost all of the greenhouses gasses from food production.